Manager Security takes a multi-layered approach to security and designs solutions that provide concentric rings of security around our clients’ critical assets. This approach can include a combination of active and passive networked sensors that are integrated with a common command and control software backbone to provide real-time situational awareness and improved efficiency.

Security Management

Manager Security is a fully licensed security company that provides advanced personal security and critical infrastructure protection solutions to commercial and government organizations operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

In 2014, Manager Security entered into a partnership with the US-based Reed, Inc. to expand its operations in Kurdistan to include advanced security and surveillance capabilities. Past performance and local experience, combined with Reed’s security expertise and global network of partners, gives Manager Security a competitive advantage in providing world-class solutions to its customers.

Protecting Kurdistan’s critical assets and oil and gas infrastructure requires seamless interaction between multiple security technologies, their human operators, and security personnel. Manager Security works closely with their clients to clearly identify risk factors, define operational requirements and design customized turn-key solutions.