Salahaddin is a major manufacturer of architectural products. Our strength is our ability to develop innovative, high quality, proprietary products that can be found in millions of homes and commercial buildings around Iraq. We operate as a highly decentralised, global federation of small and medium-sized companies that manufacture and market similar products.Innovation is what drives us - we're always thinking of new ways to solve challenges.

Dijla for Glass and Aluminum Manufacturing Co. LTD


Salahaddin operates the number one glass and aluminum factory in Iraq, the Dijla for Glass and Aluminum Manufacturing Co. LTD. The company is one of few manufacturers of double-glazed glass structures in the country, and has grown to become an exclusive supplier of Iraq’s largest and most ambitious construction projects, including hotels and residential real estate complexes. Among the most notable completed projects using materials produced in the Dijla factory are the Erbil Commercial Center, Erbil Rotana Hotel, Erbil International Hotel, and Dream City Estate.

With the expertise and management of Salahaddin’s organization behind its success, it is sure to enjoy continued growth as the construction sectors of the region continue to depend on the quality materials produced inside this leading manufacturing facility.

Modern Duhok Factory for Bricks & Precast


As a leader in the production of materials for Iraq’s booming construction industry and leading the way in terms of facilitating project development, Salahaddin not only provides superior glass and aluminum products, but also operates the Modern Duhok Factory for Bricks & Precast manufacturing. Through the operation of construction materials manufacturing facilities, Salahaddin is able to provide this vital economic sector with high-quality and cost effective materials to further propel positive development trends. Due to its outstanding line of lightweight and soundproof blocks, temperature isolated bricks, precast panels, walls and barriers, Duhok has become a leading supplier for mega projects such as Avro Tour, Naz City, and the Dashti Bahasht Residential Compound project. Using cutting-edge technology to deliver high-end products to a demanding consumer market, it is one of the few facilities in the region to have successfully reduced its industrial waste production to reflect Salahaddin’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

Karin Industrial Group


Salahaddin provides for the industrial sector through the efforts of Karin Industrial Group, the leading producer of iron tubes and profile within Kurdistan and Iraq. With fully equipped factories built up across 50,000 square meters of land, the factory is equipped with the latest technologies to guarantee the production of outstanding quality products in line with Salahaddin’s corporate values. Karin’s three factories produce a range of industrial products including: black tubes, profile, rectangular and square tubes, corrugated roofing sheets, door frames, Z-shape profile, hot and cold roll sheets cut to length, galvanized coils, BRC, guardrail and mesh wire. Other products and processes include galvanization of a variety of iron products, primarily electrical poles and angles. Karin serves its customers with products composed of only the highest quality of raw materials, including HRC, CRC, GC and PPIG according to international standards such as DIN17100, JIS, ASTEM, BS and EU. Salahaddin is uniquely proud of the products it is able to offer the Iraqi industrial market through their operation of this important and vital arm of its operations.