Exploring business opportunities with India

Today a meeting took place at the Indian Consulate with the Commercial Consul, Mr. J.S.Parmar, to discuss business opportunities for Salahaddin with potential Indian counterparts. Only a few months ago an Indian trade delegation visited the Kurdistan Region and a couple of Iraqi companies (Salahaddin included) were invited to a food fair in India.

Obviously food (and here especially rice) is the most sold commodity into our region from India. Salahaddin is already in negotiation with some major Indian companies to jointly invest into some assembling and manufacturing business in the Kurdistan Region. India is the leading manufacturer of car spare-parts for major car brands worldwide and Salahaddin is looking into this industry sector as well. Mr. Paramr shared the contacts of the major industry and trade councils/chambers in India and explained the work of the ITEC - Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation Programme. Salahaddin continues to invest in it sown IT infrastructure but also in the IT sector as a business unit.

ORACLE Implementation and Partnership Ongoing

In the last weeks, training on Oracle Cloud has been conducted by our in-house Oracle implementer for Salahaddin Headquarters and Al Hayat.

As the first company in Iraq to have implemented all modules of Oracle Cloud we at Salahaddin take pride in being a forerunner in the implementation of the best IT infrastructure available in the market. We make sure that all users of this software in our group are continuously trained and tested. For this reason but also for reasons of future cooperation we were visited by the Oracle territory Manager, Mr. Fayad, who emphasized the importance they put on their cooperation with Salahaddin Group and that Oracle wants to strengthen the relation with Salahaddin Investment Company. The possibility of a cooperation in the field of higher education and training was discussed as well as how Salahaddin can transform from a client only to a Certified Oracle Partner.

US Business Delegation touring the Kurdistan Region

On the 25th of June 2019 Salahaddin Investment Company participated in a Networking Breakfast to welcome a US Business Delegation of 22 companies, who are looking for Business Partners and Business Opportunities in the Kurdistan Region.

This event was organised by KBG- Kurdistan Business Group and the US Chamber of Commerce and almost all foreign representatives in Erbil, many regional ministers and representatives of some of the biggest Companies in the Kurdistan Region were invited and present.
US General Consul Mr. Fagan and Minister Falah Mustafa were reiterating the fact that the Kurdistan Region is a relatively save place and that the Investment law in the KR is one of the investment friendliest in the whole Middle East and the GCC countries.
They mentioned the fact that there are daily, direct flights from Erbil and Suleymanieh to more than 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East/GCC.
The fact that 38 counties have opened foreign representations (General Consulates, Trade Offices, Honorary Consulates) in Erbil is a sign that the Kurdistan Region is not isolated any more, according to Minister Falah Mustafa, and that the phrase "Kurds have no friends but the Mountains" is not reflecting today's reality.
Our own Mr.Sedeek and Mr.Mansour used this networking event not only to look for opportunities working with the US companies but also to meet and mingle with the large number of local influential companies as well as with governmental officials.
A big thumbs up for Mr. Piers Drysdale, founder of the Kurdistan Business Group, for continuing to organize this bi-annual event. We will look forward to the next Networking in September.

Jordan Tourism Board organizes business delegation to Kurdistan Region

Mr.Khaled Kelani, responsible for all operations within the MENA Region at the Jordan Tourism Board ( visited Erbil for the second time in the last 12 months and met with Salahaddin Investment Company at Erbil International Hotel to discuss the program for an up coming Business Delegation from Jordan to the Kurdistan Region end of July.

The delegation will comprise of approximately 20 companies, mainly in the Health (-Tourism) Sector, Hospitals, private Health Clinics and Hotels. Jordan is actively promoting its Health Tourism Sector in the MENA Region and in Europe and is competing with strong competitors in Iran and Turkey. Most of the hospitals and Clinics in Jordan are located in the capital, Amman, and Jordan is known for their excellent treatments in the fields of Heart disease and cancer, to name just 2 major fields of expertise. The B2B meetings will take place at our own Erbil International Hotel on the 30th of July 2019 and will attract a lot of local travel agencies and hospitals who seek cooperation. According to Mr. Kelani there is still no professional full packages Health Tourism Operator in the Kurdistan Region and he was encouraging Salahaddin Investment Company to consider entering into this market.

Joint Venture talks with Ceylon Beverage Can for a Preform injection molding machiene

After several weeks of negotiation, Company representatives of Ceylon Beverage Cans in Sri Lanka, have travelled to Erbil-Iraq to meet with representatives of Salahaddin Investment Company and Al Hayat Pepsi Management at HQ to finalize discussions on a Joint Venture for the production of preforms for the blowing of PET bottles to meet the demands of Al Hayats own production line as well as other bottlers in the region.

The suggested machine would be installed at Al Hayats premises and should be in operation end of this year. Beside being able to produce preforms for a cost price that is less than what Al Hayat is now buying for, the overcapacity of this machine will enable us to sell to the market and establish ourselves as a regional supplier of preforms and/or PET bottles. Ceylon Beverage Cans is a leader in beverage packaging in South Asia and a main producer of aluminium cans for the Indian sub-continent and the surrounding countries. Al Hayat Pepsi is buying parts of its demand in cans from Ceylon beverage Cans since beginning of the year and Salahaddin Investment Company is interested in broadening this business relation.

Participation at EIF – Erbil International Fair 2019

Salahaddin Investment Company and its affiliated sub-companies signed contracts today with IFP, the exclusive Fair organiser of EIF, to participate at this years event,

which takes place at the Erbil Fair Ground from 30th September to 3rd of October 2019. According to Sipan AS Sedeek “the participation at this annual international Fair is a matter of course,
keeping in mind the brands we carry in our portfolio such as PepsiCo Beverages and the best rated non-international Hotel in Iraq, EIH - Erbil International Hotel”. EIH will also be the “Official Hotel”
of the Fair hosting the Pre-event Press Conference as well as the Gala Dinner at its premisses. Al Hayat Pepsi will participate as Diamond Sponsor offering activities, games and free gifts
in front of the fair entrance beside having reserved a huge prime location within the fair-hall. IFP is the leading Exhibition and Events Organizer in the Middle east with a track record of over 500 successful events to date.

Meeting on the implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud

Today a Conference Room Pilot on the implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud was attended by key stakeholders of Salahaddin to understand the business processes and also suggest standardization with best practices in the industry. The training to the key users is completed and the system is being used across four of its entities.

Salahaddin group Increased productivity by standardizing and automating finance, HR, and supply chain processes with a fully integrated Oracle Cloud solution—saving administrative time across all business support functions, improving communication across subsidiaries and lines of business, and significantly reducing paper use. Use of Oracle fusion Financials cloud delivered full control on financial transactions and total visibility at group level into each company’s sales and cash flows.
The implementation was supported by a foreign implementation partner and managed by in house ERP Support team. The implementation also included integration with third party handheld devices to facilitate point of sales at AlHayat and also with hotel management system at Erbil International Hotel.

Iftar Dinner Held by Al Hayat Company

Al Hayat Company, which is the official licensed PepsiCo bottler in Northern Iraq, and part of Salahaddin Investment Company held an Iftar Dinner for all its Erbil staff at Erbil International Hotel.

More than 300 people came with their families and enjoyed the beautiful setting around the outdoor swimming pool, the largest Hotel outdoor swimming pool in the Region. The highly praised Chef prepared a variety of international and regional dishes as well as sweets and the invitees enjoyed relaxing walks in the gardens of the Hotel premisses after Iftar. Al Hayat/Pepsi is following Salahaddin’s principals in ensuring that their employees always feel that they are not just part of a business organisation but part of a family that cares for and nourishes its members.

Meeting with The General Consul of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Erbil

The General Consul of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Erbil, Mr.Haitham Abu Alfoul, welcomed Mr. Sipan A.S.Sedeek this week in his premisses to discuss about potential cooperation between Jordanian industries and Salahaddin Group but also about the economic relations between Jordan and Iraq in general.

Iraq is a priority market for Jordan according to the Consul General. In the last 6 months alone, more than 5 visits have been made by the Jordanian Minister of Finance to Baghdad and Erbil and a tax waver for more than 300 Jordanian products has been agreed on. The Jordanian Government is even giving incentives to companies importing goods to Iraq, if they are shipped to the port of Aqaba and transit through Jordan. The Chamber of Industry of Jordan and of Amman are very much interested to strengthen their ties with the Kurdistan Region in specific according to Mr.Haitham. He also encouraged Mr.Sedeek to visit Amman to meet and discuss opportunities with the Head of the Chamber of Industry. Salahaddin is very much interested in partnering with well established leaders of industries in Jordan and is looking for know how transfer and training in potentially new ventures. Mr. Haitham promised to send some industry data and contacts of investors interested in doing business in the Kurdistan Region.

Meeting with the Head of the Economic Department of the French General Consulate in Erbil

Mr. Mohammed Faezi, Head of the Economic Department at the French General Consulate in Erbil, paid a visit to Salahaddin Investment Co headquarters to meet with Mr. Sipan A.S. Sedeek, Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, and discuss plans for cooperation with French companies and agencies.

The Focus of the discussion were in the areas of high interest for Salahaddin, which are agriculture, diary and construction. French companies have exported goods and services worth more than 110 Million Euro in 2018 according to Mr.Faezi, who provided contacts to French consultants in the desired fields as well as names of companies interested to do business in the region. A conference sponsored by the French finance ministry as well as the Iraqi and Kurdish finance ministries will be held next month and it was discussed to have the event take place in the premisses of Erbil International Hotel, which is an asset of Salahaddin Investment Company.

Meeting with the Deputy General Consul of Hungary

Salahaddin Investment Company was invited by Mr. Miklos Szabo, Deputy General Consul of Hungary, to visit their premisses at the General Consulate in Erbil and to introduce itself and its activities in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general.

The following discussions focused on understanding the needs of the Region in terms of infrastructural developments in agriculture, food processing and animal husbandry, areas in which Hungary has a lot of expertise. Salahaddin showed interest in the diary production capabilities and was promised to be connected to a Hungarian company with pre- experiences in the region. Both sides were welcoming a visit of representatives of the different business units at Salahaddin to Budapest or probably organising a Kurdistan Region Trade Mission, sponsored by Salahaddin to Hungary.