" We stand for steady growth in secure investments."

About Us

Salahaddin Investment Company is a conglomerate of enterprises that brings excellent services to Kurdistan. The Company strives to improve the overall quality of life while simultaneously enriching the economic sectors of Erbil, Kurdistan. Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) economy continues to improve due to a number of factors. An improvement in relations between Erbil and Baghdad, a favorable investment law, a burgeoning private sector, a forward thinking Regional government, and a strong security environment with a tolerant society has led the Region to register impressive economic growth to assert itself as a new investment hub in the Middle East. The average GDP per capita since 2011 has gradually grown to over US$ 4,500 and the Region’s population of approximately 6 million has about 50% under the age of 21.

Multiple projects in Kurdistan have restarted following a decision by the KRG. For example, Erbil’s new 120-meter and 150-meter ring road freeways will be completed; and approval to complete the Pirmam tunnel – a vital freeway section that reduces time and improves safety for transport to and from the Turkish border. Reinvestment has restarted in infrastructure projects, including health services, water facilities, the electricity grid, the road network, and agriculture making Salahaddin Investment Company’s expertise and know-how an ideal partner and the KRG a hub that can provide wider access to the rest of Iraq and the region

Investment Performance

We aim to provide shareholders with attractive investment returns through access to a steady stream of fully franked dividends and medium to long term capital growth.

Diversified Portfolio

We focus on investing in companies with unique high quality assets, brands and businesses that can withstand economic cycles. Our view is that such businesses will generate superior returns over the long term.