Erbil Logistics Park

    Erbil Logistics Park

    Salahaddin is planning to construct a logistics park that provides third-party logistics (3PL) services to businesses in order to satisfy the unmet demand for outsourcing logistics services across the Kurdistan Region.

    The emphasis on an integrated and process-oriented operation—including warehouse storage, inventory management, transportation, and re-export services—will be integral to supporting the distribution of goods across governorates, with positive implications for the trade and industry sectors, while simultaneously supporting job creation and reducing negative environmental externalities caused by inefficient transportation practices.

    Salahaddin strongly believe this project has the potential to positively contribute to Kurdistan’s growth and boost trade and industry sectors in line with the KRG’s vision of economic diversification away from hydrocarbon dependence.

    This ambitious project will include building a world-class facility operated at international standards to work across key sectors including Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Secondly, it will serve as a key partner to major international companies seeking high levels of service.

    As well, the project will be a key hub for trade flow through to rest of Iraq and other neighboring countries. It will also generate over 250 local jobs within 2 years of establishment. Finally, the Logistics Park will provide capability and support for large scale infrastructure projects including power plants and refineries.