Dairy Plant

    Diary Plant

    Salahaddin is planning a new project to produce dairy products in Kurdistan. The projected core production is centered on three primary products: preserved milk, yogurt and yogurt drink (particularly popular in the region and neighboring countries).

    The plant can expanded its projected production capacity to include double cream, butter and both white and soft cheeses, and Salahaddin is currently in discussion with established multinational dairy producers to officially inaugurate this exciting new joint venture proposal.

    The plant facility is built over 60,000 square meters and consists of 4 main buildings, which will house the administration, production, storage, and electro-mechanical needs of the facility.

    The company will make use of 4 loading docks, a wastewater softening facility and high capacity equipment and industrial machinery including cutting-edge tanks, boilers, filters and processors.

    The project will develop discharge truck pads, vehicle maintenance equipment and a scale station for a planned distribution fleet, the facility will also be designed with top-of-line lighting and fire safety systems, and diesel generator plants to provide an uninterrupted industrial power supply. Additional plans for mechanical and technological upgrades to maintain Salahaddin’s overall standards of excellence.