Real Estate & Services


    Salahaddin Investment Company’s key area of expertise has been in real estate, having established some of the most renowned architectural accomplishments in the region for the hospitality industry and housing sectors.

    Salahaddin owns over 5 million (m2) of land across Kurdistan. The Company has been the driving force behind inspiring and transformative real estate projects including high-end hotels, residential and commercial complexes, along with state of the art industrial facilities. Each project is constructed with painstaking attention to detail, an ever-vigilant emphasis on quality, and commitment to architectural

    innovation. The group has thus continually responded to the growing demand for luxury facilities, modern renovations and superior construction solutions.

    Through outstanding work in the construction and real estate sectors, Salahaddin is contributing to the creation of brilliant spaces for the Kurdistan region and Iraq to enjoy for decades to come.

    • parkview


      Located on Gulan Road in Erbil, Park View is the ultimate in luxurious residential living. This ambitious real estate project comprises an astounding 982 apartments, each equipped with state of the art technologies to allow residents to fulfill their needs at the push of a button.

      Constructed with the most modern and efficient heating and cooling systems and advanced fire prevention and suppression systems, residents can enjoy elevated comfort with enhanced peace of mind. The complex features variety of floor plans to accommodate any sized family, though each unit shares the same high level of modern comfort and quality that has come to be expected of any Salahaddin project.

      Not sacrificing form for function, the residential center is also a stunning achievement in design, fusing contemporary and traditional styles. Park View is surrounded by magnificently landscaped gardens complete with cascading water features, where children and adults can revel in the beauty of nature. Jogging trails, rivers, ponds and tennis courts offer residents the total enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

      Other amenities include a secure indoor parking facility, valet service, and housekeeping, along with a variety of recreational options such as restaurants, cafés, cinemas and a fully equipped sport and fitness center. The facility also includes a day-care center to ensure the safety and well being of its youngest residents. Additional complimentary services designed for residents include a full-time concierge and 24 hour security. The Park Wellness Spa provides residents with optional on-site opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

      Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a range of services including spa massage, sauna, Turkish bath, and full-service beauty and fitness centers with swimming pools for both children and adults. The complex is further complimented by the Park Mall, which offers residents their favorite brands and everyday-shopping needs all in conveniently located place.

    • mazimall

      Mazi Mall

      Located in the heart of Dohuk, Mazi Mall Complex is a milestone development project that houses Dream City, Iraq’s very first amusement park. It is here that you will also find Mazi Supermarket, Iraq’s first comprehensive hypermarket, offering the most extensive selection of consumer goods available. The complex boasts a variety of additional entertainment facilities and services, including a state of the art fitness center, complete with indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The Mazi Greenhouse, a landscape design and garden center, offers Iraqi’s a unique selection of “green” solutions in line with Salahaddin’s philosophy of sustainable and responsible development.

      Visitors may also enjoy the onsite motel, home improvement center, and toy store along with a spacious fine home furnishings gallery. The collection of the commercial center’s various shops provide the ultimate shopping and wholesome family entertainment experience for Kurdistan’s growing population